Successful businesswoman, Speaker, Coach, Four-Time Author and Podcast host, Connie Pheiff (Fife) is Chair and CEO of the Pheiff Group, Inc. a consulting group specializing in lifestyle coach and mentoring, leadership, performance, marketing and change. Pheiff Group is a global organization-serving client’s from the boardroom to the beach.

Connie is one of today's leading Lifestyle Speakers...

Coach activating the power in each of us. Her signature programs include, Transformational Leadership Masterclass and Mastermind, Unstoppable Together, Activating the Power of Women Community. We all want to be successful; Connie provides the tools to get you there.

Connie is one of today's leading life balance speakers...

Bragging Rights

connie-pheiff-bragging-rightsConnie has earned her bragging rights. She is the epitome of a Woman on a Mission. From drag racing, Harley riding, tattooed DIVA… she broke the mold and is not your typical leader.

Connie rocks leadership meetings, association conferences, and corporate meetings. If you’re looking for traditional leadership strategies… don’t call Connie. If you’re looking for a Rebel, Maverick, Misfit and ready to embrace the new era of creating a mega-dollar lifestyle business, give Connie a call. She will rock your audience.

Connie is an award-winning speaker, entrepreneur, and podcast host of Up or Out with Connie. She can be heard on C-Suite Radio, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, SiriusXM and many more traditional and digital networks.

Your attendees will be thrilled by the immediate results they will achieve after hearing Connie’s powerful, professional presentation. Each of her programs and handouts are customized for your group’s individual needs. Her team will research your group to ensure your needs and desires are best met.

The Power of Laughter

As Connie be-bops around the country, she realized a few things… from the conservative conversations from her grandmother’s front porch in Louisville KY to the bustling streets of Los Angeles, there are professional men and women asking themselves the same question “do I go up or out?” But don’t know how to make this happen… and Connie is up for the challenge. She found herself in this same spot not long ago and she helps professionals put on their BIG boy or girl boots and make it happen.

Entertainment and creativity is in her blood. Story has it her Grandfather was the creator of the first McDonald Golden Arches.  Being from the south, don’t be surprised if she walks on stage twanging her banjo.

Connie uses humor in her keynote speeches to keep the audience engaged. In the end, as she steps away the audience realizes she has snuck in and taught them a thing or two. She always knows how to strike a nerve.

Connie is a lifelong teacher and lifelong learner. She reads, writes, and attends training workshops to maintain her skills to continually improve her craft. She is the best listener you will ever meet. She learns more from her clients than they will ever learn from her.


connie-pheiff-bragging-rightsConnie established her business in 2007 and quickly grew the Pheiff Group, Inc. into the successful business it is today providing programs to activate our power of performance, confidence and change.

Her transformation continued when she returned to school to complete her Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Science in Business. Connie was and still is deeply invested in learning the behavior motivators of people by becoming certified in multiple personality style assessments. You can’t hide from her; she will call out the behaviors holding you back.


  • Master of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business
  • 48 Days Certified DISC Instructor
  • 48 Days Certified Workshop Facilitator
  • 48 Days Mastery Coach Certification


Connie is a multi-level, award-winning speaker with Toastmasters. Her specialty markets are keynotes for Leadership meetings, association conferences, and corporate seminars and anything to do with helping lifestyle entrepreneurs activate their power and turn their dream into a reality. Attendees will receive the tools to excel personally and professionally, when they practice Connie’s system of C.S.I.

  • Change to see themselves differently
  • Sustain a positive mindset to increase productivity
  • Innovate without fear and find their true path of life – translating their passion into kick-ass strategies to become a mega-dollar lifestyle entrepreneur.

Connie is a speaker who brings her own transformation, sharing practical stories with impactful take-a-ways your attendees can immediately implement? Connie is not your typical speaker, she is an Unstoppable Speaker, delivering high-content, fun, and interactive learning experience as a keynote speaker, moderator, or facilitator Activating the Power in all of us.


Connie is the author of four books and has written numerous articles on success, leadership, marketing, high-performance habits, and change.

Copies are available for conference attendees:

  • Marketing Masters ready, set GROW your market.
  • The Art of the Ask – Get in your Fundraising Groove
  • The Art of the Ask – Telephone and Sales Letters
  • Find Your Passion for Action.

Her next writing project The Unstoppable Story of Today’s Professional Woman is due out in the Spring 2019. She has plans to write her memoir, but only after she has put a tent on the world to activate their power and be Unstoppable Together.


Connie is the Executive Producer and Host of today’s hottest Lifestyle entrepreneur show with an edge: Up or Out with Connie. Connie interviews some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs who share their secret-sauce for success.

Coach and Mentor

Connie’s sweet spot is mentoring inspiring entrepreneurs to become the best version of them. Because of her busy schedule, she does limit the number of 1:1 coaching clients each year. This allows her time to give more attention to her client’s needs.

A Fortune 500 executive made a profound comment during a coaching session with Connie, one that she will never forget, “Connie we love your program, but you’re missing one important detail… how do we get out – like you?” She went into action immediately and created her signature Transformational Leadership Masterclass;

a six-month program where executives learn their value and make the ultimate decision to move Up or Out with Connie.

Connie didn’t get here by chance. You name it she’s done it! She is not bashful, in her twenties sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll was her way of life. She has overcome many of life challenges; could be the title of her next book. She is a CEO deeply rooted in southern folklore. She considers it a privilege to be able to work and speak with people to help them activate their power, live their dreams, and know we are Unstoppable Together.


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