From cleaning houses to filling houses to the boardroom to the beach, Connie Pheiff uses her C-Suite experience to educate, motivate, and influence lifestyle entrepreneurs to activate their power and achieve their dreams. Connie has done exactly that. After life as a corporate executive she struggled to find her mission in life. She interviewed for positions from Maine to Miami and nothing. Then she became a seminar junkie learning, wiped out the family savings, and learned all she could about creating an online business. And when nothing seemed to be going her way, and she was struggling to find her way, she encouraged her husband to relocate to Southern California. With her mom and two dogs she jumped in her car and drove west from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles.



Call it the bright lights or the glorious beaches, but Connie found her inspiration to grow a lifestyle business. Since that time she has helped hundreds of corporate executives, those searching for their next season of life, those wanting to turn their dreams into a reality by going out and creating a lifestyle business they are only dreaming of. With a little motivation from Connie, focus and discipline successful people can activate their power and achieve big goals.

Connie is a contributor to multiple business publications, public speaker, author, mentor and host of one of  today’s leading business podcast, Up or Out with Connie. Connie always shares a bit of herself; a life of spectacularly epic fails. Through it all, her success hasn’t come in spite of her failures, but because of them.

Connie’s POWERFUL Presentations Deliver ROI by Increasing:

Get the clarity to be the leader in your market and work with who you want to work with, where you want to work, and make the money you want to be making.
Activate the power of transformational leadership
Your lack of focus will effect your performance. Entrepreneurs will receive the tools to focus and increase performance.
The power of performance
What’s the #1 struggle for entrepreneurs? Marketing. Entrepreneurs will gain the confidence and be empowered to market their business.
The power to activate in today’s innovative business
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Be ready for change, it’s the only way to stay on top of your game.
Activate your power to to be the authentic YOU developing the ability to change, sustain, and innovate

Connie is available for:

Keynote Engagements
Banquet Speaker
Master of Ceremonies
Corporate Meetings
Workshop Training
Business Seminar
Breakout Sessions
Award Ceremonies
Panel Expert

Your Audience will Walk Away:


Reignited with a passion for their ability to Activate their Power

Driven to lead themselves and others to a higher level of success

Learning effortless strategies that
change the game in their favor

Achieving the impossible and
learning to be unstoppable

Determining their true
meaning of success

Experiencing how leadership
begins with self

Unlocking the key to
boosting confidence

In addition to delivering 45-60 minute Keynotes, Connie also offers 2- hour, half-day, or full-day workshop training. In her training programs, she reveals her business success formula, from her personal development program.


What People are Saying
It's the little things that Activate Excellence!


Ask about Connie's additional complimentary menu of services to make your event great. Connie is the easiest speaker you will work with ever!

Event Pre-Plan, Connie Will…

  • Schedule a conference call to identify how Connie will make your event a success.
  • Provide a customized promotional video for your event to build the excitement.
  • Write a unique article for reprint in your newsletter or company blog.
  • Interview a leader of the organization on Connie’s Award Winning Podcast.

During the Event, Connie Will…

  • Be at your service for the day.
  • Want to plan a special reward for a key person? Connie will join them for a private meal. Ask Connie about her added menu of services.
  • Create customized content.Connie will work with you to meet your objectives and help punch themup.
  • Hold book signing and make 1:1 connections with your attendees.

Post Event, Connie Will…

  •  Provide a follow-up conference call.
  • Talk with you about what worked and what needs to be reinforced for video and future articles.
  • Provide a custom video message for the attendees and (non-attendees).
  • Highlight key messages from the event in the custom video.
  • Write a unique article for reprint in your newsletter and/or company blog.

Connie’s programs empower – change to Connie’s programs activate the power of your attendees to a whole new level. If you like what you’re reading, contact Connie to schedule a call to discuss your needs.

Activate Excellence with Connie Pheiff